Adam, Zachary

From MolEvol

I uncover and describe microfossils from the ~1.5 billion year old Belt Supergroup of Montana. My departmental info can be found here[1].

My area of focus is the early evolution of eukaryotes (how, why and when) and the development of complexity. The rocks around us are an incredible treasure of information when it comes to describing the origins of what may be considered our earliest ancestors. I'm particularly interested in the incorporation of microfossils into molecular clock models, but I am also fascinated by the possibility of inferring the presence of eukaryotic proteins from morphological features of microfossils (even when phylogenetic resolution is not known).

I also give a lot of my time to Blue Marble Space[2], a non-profit organization dedicated to experimenting with new ways of carrying out astrobiology research and outreach activities.