Baker, Lydia

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The progress of science was once sped by the revolutionary idea that our natural world functions as a web of interactions, where the health of one living thing will affect the other. We are only now beginning to appreciate how these interactions can even occur at the level of single celled organisms. The research I do looks at how diatoms and bacteria interact in the open ocean. While bacteria is found nearly everywhere in the ocean, I chose to look at bacteria on diatoms because their interaction can have a huge influence diatom health and therefore how carbon cycles through our environment.

My research evaluates the diversity, abundance, and variability of marine diatom-associated bacteria, and will examine interactions among diatom-associated bacteria and between bacteria and the diatom host cell. I am especially interested in studying the dynamics of diatom-bacterial interactions in the open ocean, especially at the cell-to-cell level. Additional research directions include the study of potential causes of their association as well as the influence their interaction may have on bloom formation.

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