Barash, Nanelle

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Nanelle Barash


I'm a DVM/PhD student at UC Davis. In the veterinary world, I'm studying large animal and wildlife medicine. In the academic world, I'm a microbiology graduate student in Scott Dawson's laboratory. I work on Giardia pathophysiology! Giardia is a cool bug - a anoxic protist with two nuclei, which causes gastrointestinal disease in food animals, wildlife, and people.

Giardia attached to the small intestine
Giardia is cute
Giardia's ventral disk, like a suction cup


  • (203) 379-7849
  • Undergrad degree in Biology and English Literature at Swarthmore College

Academic Interests

  • Interactions between pathogens and commensal gut microbiota
  • Host-pathogen interactions and immune development
  • Metabolic processes of intracellular pathogens
  • Emerging zoonotic diseases
  • Wildlife conservation and epidemiology

Personal Interests

  • I like animals
  • Food
  • Mountains (backpacking, skiing) and ocean (playing)
my own pet wild beasts