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Duration of Stay 2018

I am the MBL from June 13th until August 12th.

Contact Info

Institutional Webpage: McMaster University

Department of Biology, McMaster University 1280 Main St. West Hamilton, Ontario ON L8S 4K1


Lab Webpage: The Laboratory of Ben Evans

Lecture Material for 2018

I will be presenting results from our recent work on biodiversity and sex determination in frogs, including phylogenetic, genomic, and museum-omic findings. I will also discuss some genome editing projects that are in progress. A title and abstract is below.

Title: Developmental systems drift of sex determination in frogs; insights into how important things evolve

Abstract: In many species, sexual differentiation is crucial for reproduction and it is therefore surprising when the genetic control of this fundamental process evolves rapidly. To better understand how this rapid evolution occurs, we are studying frogs that have extensive variation in the genetic control of sex determination. We have identified sex-linked genes, and studied genomic processes in newly emergent sex chromosomes, such as recombination and natural selection. Our results demonstrate that novel triggers for sex determination can arise in rapid succession, and that genes linked to sex determination are frequently homologous to sex-linked genes in other very distantly related species, including humans. The implications of this work are to inform us how tightly regulated systems evolve, including the role of genomic redundancy in fast evolution.

Reading List 2018

No reading is necessary, but if you are interested in the topics, you can download related papers here: