Cecile Ane

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Duration of Stay 2018

I will be at the course from July 24th until July 28th.

Contact Info

Institutional webpage: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Department of Statistics 1300 University Ave, Madison WI 53706

Department of Botany 430 Lincoln Drive, Madison WI 53706

E-mail: cecile.ane at wisc.edu

Twitter: cecileane

Lecture Material for 2018

part 1: slides for lecture

Lab Material for 2018

part 2: lab, on PhyloNetworks wiki

PhyloNetworks general documentation

Reading List 2018

Solís-Lemus, Bastide & Ané (2017). PhyloNetworks: a package for phylogenetic networks. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 34(12):3292–3298.

Solís-Lemus, Yang & Ané (2016). Inconsistency of species-tree methods under gene flow. Systematic Biology, 65(5):843-851.

Solís-Lemus & Ané (2016). Inferring phylogenetic networks with maximum pseudolikelihood under incomplete lineage sorting. PLoS Genetics, 12(3):e1005896.