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Duration of Stay 2018

I will be at the course from July 19th until July 28th.

Contact Info

Dept. of Cell and Molecular Biology Biomedical Centre Uppsala University Box 596 SE-75 123 Sweden


Twitter: @eme_laura


Lecture Material for 2018

I will be discussing (i) multi-gene phylogenetics (phylogenomics) for deep divergence questions, and (ii) protein models and methods for phylogenomics.

PDF version 2 (uploaded Tues 24, at 07:25)

Reading List 2018

Roger AJ, Kolisko M, Simpson AG. Phylogenomic Analysis. 2012 Jun 6:44-69.PDF

Susko, E. and Roger, A.J. (2007). On reduced amino acid alphabets for phylogenetic inference. Molecular Biology and Evolution. 24:2139--2150.

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