Martinez, Diego

From MolEvol

Research Interests: My primary interest is in genome evolution, using filamentous fungi as a model system. I have developed models of gene movement in the genome and I took this course to better understand how to test hypotheses in a phylogenetic framework. Now the challenge is to apply similar analyses on a large scale and to think about how this affects the architecture of the genome, if at all.

Currently I am a PostDoc at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, in the microbial genomics program. I am involved in the analysis of the genome content of fungi that live on human and animal skin (called dermatophytes). I am working with seven dermatophytes that are very closely related to identify differences in coding and non-coding regions that are important host preferences.

Future Interests: I am interested in continuing discussions with anyone who wants to work on developing or extending/applying any of the powerful tools we have learned during this retreat to many genes at the same time (like thousands).

My experiences during the course: I had an amazing time and made some great friends. I hope to see you all at meetings in the future, and I will miss you all!

Someday, we will all find ourselves saying "This one time, at Woods Hole......"