Michael Landis

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Time at MBL

Sunday, July 22 - Saturday, July 28

2018 Workshop Materials

Lecture on Sunday, July 22 at 7pm

  • Slides for "Phylogenetic Inference and Probabilistic Graphical Models" (pdf)

Lab on Saturday, July 28 at 9am

  • Slides for "Phylogenetic Inference Using RevBayes" (pdf)
  • Lesson for "Introduction to RevBayes" (link)
  • Lesson for "Substitution processes" (link)

(all workshop materials relating to Bayesian phylogenetics are located here -- thanks Tracy]!)


I research problems in phylogenetics, models of evolution, and inference methods. I'm particularly interested the areas of historical biogeography and phenotypic evolution. I am also a core developer for the Bayesian phylogenetics software RevBayes.

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