Sara Sawyer

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Associate Professor

BioFrontiers Institute

University of Colorado Boulder

Postdoc, Molecular Evolution and Virology, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Seattle)

Ph.D. Genetics and Development, Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)

B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Kansas (Lawrence, KS)

Lab website

Woods Hole Arrival and Departure

No currently teaching at Woods hole. :(

Lecture Materials

Applications of Molecular Evolution to Understanding Disease

More information

For more information on some of the topics that I will be presenting, please read:

Meyerson NR and Sawyer SL. (2011) Two-stepping through time: mammals and viruses. Trends in Microbiology, 19 (6): 286-94.

(The first author is Nick Meyerson, one of your course TAs)

Other papers

You can view (and download) other papers from our lab here: