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Order a shirt here. Winning designs are shown below.

Front of Shirt (as a pocket square) Beer label design for front of T-shirt (Bielawski, Heath, Pearson, Beerli)

BeerLabel v2.png

Back of Shirt Julie Baker Phillips design 2

MolEvol2016 back.v3.png

Combination of Quotes Design for a red T-shirt (Bielawski & Heath)

Red T shirt.png

"I love this red shirt design, can we do some variations? each element could a shirt on itself!! - Daphne"

"***We can swap out the older quotes for some from this workshop. If you have suggestions, just post them here. -Joe"

T-shirt design 3

Tshirt Molevol 2016.png

Julie Baker Phillips design 1


Daphne Soares design 1

ME tshirt.jpg

"Suggestion for the back (or front) of any of the trees: " "Just simulate it"