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Graduate Student, Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center, 8000 North Ocean Drive, Dania Beach, Florida, 33004

My Work:

I am currently working on a PhD in Marine Biology. My research is part of the larger 'Echinoderm Tree of Life' project. My contribution is the reworking of phylogenies of two superfamilies of Crinoids: the Mariametroidea and the Tropiometroidea. Although the main emphasis of my work is morphology-based, using morphology matrices and morphometrics, I plan on adding in a molecular component to differenciate between similar genera.

Centrodorsal side of a 'Liparometra regalis'

Other Projects:

I am currently finishing up a project on the geophysics of Florida Bay. Using remote sensing techniques and extensive bathymetric datasets I am trying to show the fluidity of fine-grained mud banks. (Taylor, K. and Purkis, S. Evidence for the Southward Migration of Mud Banks in Florida Bay, submitted to Sedimentology, July 2011)

I am also involved in an on-going research project looking at sedimentation and stromatolite formation processes in the Bahamas and along Grand Bahama Bank.

Potential Research Topics:

Comatulid predator avoidance, marine invertebrate morphology, crinoid disparity...just to name a few.


I am an avid SCUBA diver and enjoy underwater photography. Take a look at my website here to see some of my most recent images.

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