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Mark Holder

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Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity Institute
University of Kansas

Time at MBL

I'll be at Woods Hole from July 19 to July 30.

from 2018 lectures

Open Tree Slides

from 2017

We are just going to do the 2 snake data set examples:


(the parametric bootstrapping lab index is here)

Slides are very likely to change at the last minute, but you can take a look at the current state of them.

The tree topology lecture: HolderTestingLectureWoodsHole2017.pdf (2017)

Older lectures

The 2016 brief alignment intro: msa-2016.pdf (2016)

The 2016 GARLI lecture: Zwickl.WoodsHole2016.pdf (2016)

A few slides on model selection: convincing-arg-model-selection.pdf (2016)

Other resources are at

Other resources