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*Epidemiological cut-offs for exploring transmission clusters
*Epidemiological cut-offs for exploring transmission clusters
*Phylodynamic modelling of bacteria
*Phylodynamic modelling of bacteria
*Evolution and transmission of drug resistance
===Other work-related interests===
===Other work-related interests===

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Conor Meehan

Research fellow at the Institute of Tropical Medicine working on Mycobacteria, primarily epidemiology and drug resistance.

Time at course

I will be here from July 20th until July 30th (the entire course).

Contacting me

Email: cmeehan@itg.be

I will be at the course for the entire time

Current projects

  • Transmission of M. tuberculosis and M. ulcerans in highly endemic areas
  • Epidemiological cut-offs for exploring transmission clusters
  • Phylodynamic modelling of bacteria
  • Evolution and transmission of drug resistance

Other work-related interests

  • Species concepts in prokaryotes and units of diversity
  • Protein structure variation and effect on function
  • HIV coreceptor usage and envelope structure
  • Microbial community interactions and lateral gene transfer

My Lab's Web Page

Lecture and Lab files

My lectures given at MolEvol 2017
<coming soon>

Some past work: A tutorial I wrote for the Molecular Evolution course in Cesky Krumlov on BLAST+ can be found here

A brief overview presentation on short read alignment can be viewed here

Other interests

Besting Emily_Jane_McTavish at leg wrestling at MolEvol11