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====Contacting me====
====Contacting me====
Email: conor.meehan@dal.ca
Twitter: @otogishu
==Lecture and Lab files==
==Lecture and Lab files==

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Conor Meehan

Postdoctoral fellow at Dalhousie University working on human gut microbiome analysis focusing on lateral gene transfer, habitat adaptation and interaction networks.

Current projects

  • Evidence of lateral gene transfer within the community
  • Levels of integration and reliance between bacteria
  • Identifying functions and organisms present in and between habitats

Other work-related interests

  • Species concepts in prokaryotes and units of diversity
  • Protein structure variation and effect on function
  • HIV coreceptor usage and envelope structure

My Lab's Web Page


Contacting me

Email: conor.meehan@dal.ca Twitter: @otogishu

Lecture and Lab files

HIV lecture slides
Microbiome lecture slides

Clemens Lakner last year gave a tutorial on Mr. Bayes which showed basic use of the program for tree inference
This can be downloaded here

Other interests

Besting fellow TA Emily_Jane_McTavish at leg wrestling at MolEvol11