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Conor Meehan

Postdoctoral fellow at Dalhousie University working on human gut microbiome analysis focusing on lateral gene transfer, habitat adaptation and interaction networks.

Contacting me

Twitter: @otogishu

I will be at the course for the entire time

Current projects

  • Evidence of lateral gene transfer within the community
  • Levels of integration and reliance between bacteria
  • Identifying functions and organisms present in and between habitats

Other work-related interests

  • Species concepts in prokaryotes and units of diversity
  • Protein structure variation and effect on function
  • HIV coreceptor usage and envelope structure

My Lab's Web Page

Lecture and Lab files

HIV lecture slides and references
Microbiome lecture slides

Clemens Lakner last year gave a tutorial on Mr. Bayes which showed basic use of the program for tree inference
This can be downloaded here

An overview of the use of command line BLAST can be found here.

Other interests

Besting fellow TA Emily_Jane_McTavish at leg wrestling at MolEvol11