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=== Lecture Materials ===
=== Lecture Materials ===
[http://www.doublehelixranch.com/WoodsHoleMole2015.pdf Introduction]
[http://www.doublehelixranch.com/WoodsHoleMole2016.pdf Introduction]
===Reading List===
===Reading List===

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Director of Workshop

David Hillis will be present throughout the workshop.

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Lecture Materials


Reading List

General Background on Phylogenetic Methods:

Swofford, D. L., G. J. Olsen, P. J. Waddell, and D. M. Hillis. 1996. Phylogenetic inference. Pp. 407-514 in Molecular Systematics, 2nd. ed. (D. M. Hillis, B. K. Mable, and C. Moritz, eds.). Sinauer, Sunderland, Massachusetts.

Forensic Applications of Phylogenetic Analysis:

Metzker, M. L., D. P. Mindell, X.-M. Liu, R. G. Ptak, R. A. Gibbs, and D. M. Hillis. 2002. Molecular evidence of HIV-1 transmission in a criminal case. Proc. National Academy Sciences USA 99:14292-14297.

Scaduto, D. I., J. M. Brown, W. C. Haaland, D. J. Zwickl, D. M. Hillis, and M. L. Metzker. 2010. Source identification in two criminal cases using phylogenetic analysis of HIV-1 DNA sequences. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 107:21242-21247.

The Effects of Taxon Sampling on Phylogenetic Analysis:

Zwickl, D. J., and D. M. Hillis. 2002. Increased taxon sampling greatly reduces phylogenetic error. Systematic Biology 51:588-598.

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Performance Comparisons of Phylogenetic Methods:

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Evolution of Sodium Channel Genes in Electric Fishes:

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Zakon, H. H., M. C. Jost, D. J. Zwickl, Y. Lu, and D. M. Hillis. 2009. Molecular evolution of Na+ channels in teleost fishes. Integrative Biology 4:64-74.

Tree Set Visualization:

Hillis, D. M., T. Heath, and K. St. John. 2005. Analysis and visualization of tree space. Systematic Biology 54:471-482.

Download most of my other papers as pdf's: