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'''Lecture (likely to change a bit): [http://people.ku.edu/~zwickl/Zwickl.Europe2011.pdf Presentation from European Workshop 2011]'''
'''Lecture: [http://people.ku.edu/~zwickl/Zwickl.WoodsHole2011.final.pdf Zwickl.WoodsHole2011.final.pdf]'''
'''GARLI tutorial (may change!): [http://phylo.bio.ku.edu/slides/GarliDemo/garliExercise.html Older tutorial]'''
'''GARLI tutorial: [http://phylo.bio.ku.edu/slides/GarliDemo/garliExercise.html Computer exercise]'''

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University of Arizona


Derrick and offspring

Arrives Mon July 25

Departs Sun July 31

Lecture: Zwickl.WoodsHole2011.final.pdf

GARLI tutorial: Computer exercise