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[[media:Edwards_Species_tree_lab_2014.pdf | Alternate pdf of Tutorial here]]
[[media:Edwards_species_tree_lab_2015.pdf | pdf of Tutorial here]]
To start the lab:
To start the lab:

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pdf of Tutorial here

To start the lab:

log into the cluster

   module load bioware

copy the lab exercise files to your home directory

  wget https://molevol.mbl.edu/images/1/1f/Edwards_lab_2015.zip
  unzip Edwards_lab_2015.zip

for each section of the tutorial, cd in the appropriate directory.

To install phybase in R:


All commands after the '>' should be entered into R.

  > install.packages("/class/molevol-software/phybase_1.4.tar.gz",repos = NULL, type="source")