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===Emily Jane McTavish===
===Emily Jane McTavish===
Post doc, University of Kansas
Assistant professor, University of California, Merced

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Emily Jane McTavish

Assistant professor, University of California, Merced

Personal home page

If you want a copy of my super-cool Felsenstein zone shirt, it's up on uberprint here: Fels Zone

My Lab's Web Page

About Emily Jane

I do phylogeonomics! I'm using genomic data to track geographic population histories and connect spatial and evolutionary patterns. I just started a postdoc with Mark Holder working on the Open Tree of Life project.

Not tied to a taxon, I've worked on cattle - with a focus on Texas Longhorns, frogs, salamanders, simulated data, and chipmunks.

Current projects:

  • Investigating patterns of introgression in the genome of Texas Longhorn Cattle
  • Using spatially explicit simulation (DIM SUM) to assess robustness of phylogeographic methods
  • Assessing impact of dispersal distribution on population structure
  • Determining impact of ascertainment bias on phylogenies based on SNP data.

Other interests:

  • Herping
  • Bioinformatics
  • Python
  • Phylogenetics and phylogeography

Software Carpentry