Emily Jane McTavish

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Emily Jane McTavish

Assistant professor, University of California, Merced

Time at MBL

I will be present from July 20 to July 27.

My Lab's Web Page

If you want a copy of my super-cool Felsenstein zone shirt, it's up on uberprint here: Fels Zone


Open Tree of Life

A project I am very excited about, but am not presenting about here is The Open Tree of Life.

The Open Tree of Life project synthesizes scientific knowledge about the phylogeny of all life. Open Tree has constructed a comprehensive, dynamic, and digitally-available tree of life across 2.5 million taxa by bringing together published phylogenetic trees and taxonomic data.

It's available at tree.opentreeoflife.org

Upload your trees to tree.opentreeoflife.org/curator to have them included in this synthetic estimate of evolutionary relationships across life on earth!

Here is a tutorial about how to automate pulling down trees for any set of species you are interested in: https://mctavishlab.github.io/BIO144/labs/rotl-rgbif.html

Feel free to ask me any questions about Open Tree or these tutorials!