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I will be present at the course July 20 to July 30.

Scripts from 2017 morning programming sessions

Slides/Presentations (2013):

   - Bayesian Phylogenetic Analysis, I
   - Bayesian Phylogenetic Analysis, II
   - Bayesian Phylogenetic Analysis, Supp.

John's lab page:

Files Generated during the lecture/lab:

  • simwithdice.nex - a NEXUS file with the data patterns that the class generated using 10-sided dice.
  • - a Python program that implements the MCMC for estimating a coin's bias based on a number of heads and tails observed. This is not the code written during the lecture by John. It is an equivalent version of John's C++ implementation written (by Mark Holder) using the Python programming language. If you download it, then you can run it (from a Terminal) with the command python