Laura Kubatko

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Duration of Stay 2018

I will be at the course from Tuesday, July 24 until Saturday, July 28.

Contact Info

Institutional webpage:

E-mail: lkubatko (at) stat (dot) osu (dot) edu

Twitter: Laura_Kubatko

Lecture Material for 2018

Species Tree Estimation Lecture slides

Excel macro to look at gene tree distribution

Annotated Version of Species Tree Estimation Lecture slides

Lab Material for 2018

Species Trees Lab - slides

Tutorial link

Results of the Simulation Exercise

Reading List 2018

Degnan, J and L Salter. 2005. Gene tree distributions under the coalescent process, Evolution 59(1): 24-37.

Kubatko, L and J Degnan. 2007. Inconsistency of phylogenetic estimates from concatenated data under coalescence, Systematic Biology 56(1): 17-24.

Kubatko, L, HL Gibbs, and EW Bloomquist. 2011. Inferring species-level phylogenies and taxonomic distinctiveness using multi-locus data in Sistrurus rattlesnakes, Systematic Biology,60(4): 393-409

Chifman, J and L Kubatko. 2014. Quartet inference from SNP data under the coalescent model, Bioinformatics 30(23): 3317-3324

Material From Previous Years

Lecture slides (2011)

Lecture slides (2012) (One typo (that I know about) -- the STAR method doesn't use branch lengths to estimate the species tree)

Lab outline 2012

Kubatko lab exercise slides 2012

Lab Answers 2012

Lecture slides (2013)

Lab exercise slides (2013)

STEM-hy tutorial (on your own) (2013)

Lecture slides (2014)

SVDquartets tutorial (2014)

SVDquartets tutorial (2015)

Lecture slides (2015)

Lecture slides (2016)

Phylogenetic Networks Lecture slides (2016)

SVDquartets tutorial intro slides (2016)

SVDquartets tutorial (2016)

Species Tree Estimation Lecture slides (2017)

Species Trees Lab I - slides (2017)

SVDquartets tutorial (2017)

ASTRAL tutorial (2017)