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Jill Myers <br/>
Jill Myers <br/>
Julie Lee-Yaw <br/>
Julie Lee-Yaw <br/>
Mark Holder <br/>

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https://molevol.mbl.edu/index.php?title=Lightning_Talks&action=edit Information

  1. Each participant has 1 minute to present an overview of their work
  2. Each participant is limited to 2 slides
  3. Deposit your two slides as PDF in Dropbox by Saturday at 9 am. Please label the slides with your name.

Sign Up

Please add yourself below if you'd like to give a lightning talk.

Daphne Soares
Jimmy Bernot
Sonia Agrawal
Semiramis Castro
R. Shawn Abrahams
Makenzie Mabry
Katie Martin
Julie Phillips
Henrike Indrischek
Alexandra Hernandez
Burak Avci
Will Blevins
Paul Blischak
Sanjat Kanjilal
Adam Kucharski
Jill Myers
Julie Lee-Yaw
Mark Holder