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== Labs ==
== Labs ==
An parametric bootstrapping lab index is [[ParametricBootstrappingLab| here]]
A parametric bootstrapping lab index is [[ParametricBootstrappingLab| here]]
== Lecture ==  
== Lecture ==  

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Mark Holder

Check out: http://phylo.bio.ku.edu/woodshole/index.html for course-related content.


Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Kansas

Time at MBL

I'll be at Woods Hole from July 20 to July 30.


A parametric bootstrapping lab index is here


Slides are very likely to change at the last minute, but you can take a look at the current state of them.

The 2016 brief alignment intro: msa-2016.pdf (2016)

The 2016 GARLI lecture: Zwickl.WoodsHole2016.pdf (2016)

A few slides on model selection: convincing-arg-model-selection.pdf (2016)

The tree topology lecture: HolderTestingLectureWoodsHole.pdf (2016)

Other resources are at http://phylo.bio.ku.edu/woodshole/index.html

Other resources