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*Postdoctoral Fellow and Lab Manager of the [[Sara_Sawyer|Sawyer Lab]]
*Postdoctoral Fellow and Project Manager of the [[Sara_Sawyer|Sawyer Lab]]

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MolEvol2011: Experimenting with bathroom luminescence with Conor and Emily during our first year in the course
Oh you know... trying to cast a fireball spell at CSH Retroviruses 2012


  • Postdoctoral Fellow and Project Manager of the Sawyer Lab
  • nrmeyerson@gmail.com

I specialize in evolutionary analyses using PAML and downstream functional analyses using various molecular biology and biochemical tools. Feel free to talk to me during or after the course about your ideas/concerns/confusions.

Research Interests

  • Understanding the evolutionary trajectory of primate genes involved in host-virus interactions
  • Functionally characterizing the consequences of rapidly evolving codons during viral replication using mammalian tissue culture
  • Ancestral state reconstruction of primate genes involved in the cross-species transmission of retroviruses to functionally test their role as barriers to zoonosis
  • Discovering novel antiviral restriction factors in primates using PAML positive selection analysis
  • Probing the fate of duplicated genes by constructing chimeras from deeply divergent species (i.e. fungi and archaea)

Relevant Publications


  • Datamonkey - an online resource that implements several different programs that detect positive selection
  • Pal2Nal - a protein alignment-guided codon alignment program. Useful for generating PAML-ready alignment files