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MolEvol2011: Experimenting with bathroom luminescence with Conor and Emily during our first year in the course
Oh you know... trying to cast a fireball spell at CSH Retroviruses 2012

Postdoctoral Fellow and Lab Manager of the Sawyer Lab

I specialize in evolutionary analyses using PAML and downstream functional analyses using various molecular genetics tools. Feel free to talk to me during or after the course about your ideas/concerns/confusions.

Research Interests

  • Understanding the evolutionary trajectory of primate genes involved in host-virus interactions
  • Functionally characterizing the consequences of rapidly evolving codons during viral replication using mammalian tissue culture
  • Ancestral state reconstruction of primate genes involved in the cross-species transmission of retroviruses to functionally test their role as barriers to zoonosis
  • Discovering novel antiviral restriction factors in primates using PAML positive selection analysis
  • Probing the fate of duplicated genes by constructing chimeras from deeply divergent species (i.e. fungi and archaea)


The Sawyer Lab

Two stepping through time: mammals and viruses

A tutorial on editing tree files for branch isolation in PAML