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The 2018 Workshop Participants

The introduction slides from the first day can be seen here:

File:2018 slides1.pdf

File:2018 slides2.pdf

File:2018 slides3.pdf

File:2018 slides4.pdf

Feel free to add your email address so that others can contact you. Just click the edit tab and fill in your email as in the syntax example. You can also link your name to another webpage.

Name Institution email address
Example of link and email syntax
Amanda Bonner Stowers Institute for Medical Research
Katarina Braun University of Wisconsin, Madison
Janet Buckner Iowa State University
Deanna Byrnes Carthage College
Richard Cadenillas Ordinola Universidad Austral de Chile
Rebecca Clement The George Washington University
Astrid Collingro University of Vienna
Mario Cupello Federal University of Paraná
Kyle David Auburn University
Anne-Marie Dion-Côté Cornell University
Anne Farrell Dartmouth College
Amanda Garcia University of California, Los Angeles
Remy Gatins University of California Santa Cruz
John Gaynor Montclair State University
Jose Paulo Guadanucci Sao Paulo State University
Juan Guayasamin Universidad San Francisco de Quito
Natya Hans University of Florida
Nicholai Hensley University of California Santa Barbara
Jesse Holmes University of Kansas
Liz Huamani Lopez Universidad Austral de Chile
Kamil Hupalo University of Lodz
Sarah Jensen Cornell University
Mackenzie Johnson University of Texas at Austin
Bennett Kapili Stanford University
Kevin Keegan University of Connecticut
Evan Kiefl University of Chicago
Melanie Lalonde University of Manitoba
Michelle Leger Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-UPF)
Magda Lewandowska Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Institute of Life Science
Menghan Liu New York University
Lesly Lopez University of California, Merced
Rachel Lyman Missouri Botanical Garden
Rachel Manning University of Washington
William McCraney University of California, Los Angeles
Daniela Megrian Nunez Institut Pasteur
Roy Moger-Reischer Indiana University
Aubrey Mojesky University of Louisville
Habibu Mugerwa National Crops Resources Research Institute
Nina Pak University of California, Berkeley
Lillian Parker Smithsonian Institution
Raquel Pereira Uppsala University
Rosalyn Price-Waldman San Diego State University
Catharine Prussing Wadsworth Center, NY State Department of Health
Andrew Reeve Natural History Museum of Denmark
Zachary Reitz University of California, Santa Barbara
Cecilia Rodrigues Vieira Utah State University
Sarah Schwartz MIT
Daniel Schwartz Indiana University
Kyle Shaw Florida State University
Samantha Smith University of California, Riverside
Caroline Storer University of Florida
Daniela Tejada Martinez Universidad Austral De Chile
Satoshi Tomano University of California Los Angeles
Jasper Toscani Field University of California, Merced
Pengcheng Wang Museum of Comparative Zoology
Hafiz Wariss The Islamia University of PaBahawalpur
Agnes Weiner Smith College [
Brooke Weinstein University of California, Merced
Jessica Whelpley University of Florida, Whitney Laboratory for Marine Biology
Serena Zhao University of Texas at Austin