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The 2015 Workshop Participants

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Name Institution email address
Abreu, Fernanda Instituto de Microbiologia/UFRJ
Anderson, Elizabeth NCI Frederick
Astudillo-Clavijo, Viviana University of Toronto
Barlow, Lael University of Alberta
Bartelli, Thais Federal University of Sao Paulo (Unifesp)
Beeby, Morgan Imperial College London mbeeby -A-T-
Cakiroglu, Aylin Francis Crick Institute
Carlson, David San Diego State University
Cerón Romero, Mario University of Massachusetts
Chaban, Bonnie Imperial College London
Chambers, Anne University of Texas at Austin
Church, Samuel Brown University
Czekanski-Moir, Jesse SUNY-ESF
De La Torre, Amanda Umea University
Delgado Ratto, Richard Christopher University of Antwerp
Fischer, Georg Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
Gluck Thaler, Emile The Ohio State University
Gregory, Ann University of Arizona gregory.392[at]
Griffin, Josie University of Minnesota
Guang, August Brown University
Hemmer, Lucas University of Kansas
Holland-Fritsch, Erika University of California Davis
Humphreys, Devon University of Texas at Austin
Jacobo, Sarah Melissa Harvard Medical School
Kirchberger, Paul University of Alberta
Kistler, Logan University of Warwick
Klinger, Christen University of Alberta
Kvon, Evgeny Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Lesch, Bluma Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research leschb[at]
Lind, Abigail Vanderbilt University abigail.l.lind[at]
Lutz, Stefanie University of Leeds
Mahadevan, Padmanabhan University of Tampa
Mantovani Bueno, Veronica University of Connecticut
Mao, Yafei Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
Matthews-Palmer, Teige Francis Crick Institute, Mill Hill Laboratories
McGee, Katie University of Guelph
Mika, Katelyn University of Chicago
Moncla, Louise University of Wisconsin-Madison
Murdock, Sheryl University of Victoria
Neupane, Suman University of Connecticut
Ortega, Davi California Institute of Technology
Pandelia, Maria-Eirini Pennsylvania State University
Petersen, Karl University of Minnesota
Peterson, Kylee Harvard University
Quispe-Carbajal, Mariella Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
Reijnen, Bastian Naturalis Biodiversity Center
Romberg, Megan USDA
Savchenko, Kyryll Washington State University
Shen, Xingxing Vanderbilt University
Smith, Oliver University of Warwick
Stabell, Alex University of Colorado Boulder
Sweet, Andrew University of Illinois
Ware, Roselyn University of Warwick
Wisecaver, Jennifer Vanderbilt University
Yohe, Laurel Stony Brook University
Zhang, Sean The Johns Hopkins Hospital