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Course materials by Tracy Heath, Michael Landis, and Sebastian Höhna on model selection and data partitioning in RevBayes


Introduction to RevBayes slides are available on slideshare

Phylogenetic Inference using RevBayes: Model Selection & Data Partitioning

Source Code

RevBayes can be found on GitHub:

This tutorial uses commit 1419c7e00ef23bf89d21040d431b023787863408 on the wh_tutorial branch.


The data files and Rev scripts can be found here: data files

From the course cluster download the data files:


Uncompress the tutorial file directory:

tar xzf RB_BayesFactor_files.tar.gz

Navigate to the tutorial directory:

cd RB_tutorial_files

Add the RevBayes module:

module load revbayes

Execute RevBayes:


The detailed lab practical document can be found here: tutorial PDF