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Course materials by Tracy Heath and Michael Landis on substitution models and phylogenetic reconstruction in RevBayes


  • Introduction to RevBayes slides are available on slideshare
  • RevBayes script for demo: lnorm.Rev

Phylogenetic Inference using RevBayes: Substitution Models for Unconstrained Trees


Software downloads, tutorials, documentation, and other resources can be found on the RevBayes web page:

RevBayes source code can be found on GitHub:


The detailed lab practical document can be found here: tutorial PDF

Data & Analysis Files

On the MBL Cluster

On the course cluster create a directory to run your analysis:

mkdir RB_tutorial
cd RB_tutorial

Download the data directory containing the data file:


Un-zip the downloaded file (this will create a directory containing the file "primates_cytb.nex"


Add the bioware module:

module load bioware

Execute RevBayes:


Additional Software