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Wiki page for shirt designs!

Every year the workshop creates a t-shirt. Check out shirts of previous years

and the designs in the running last year: Last years entries

Email design suggestion mockups to Emily Jane and they will be posted up here. Feel free to build on one another's ideas, or make partial suggestions.

We will vote on a design on Tuesday morning, and you will have an opportunity to order shirts (usually $20ish depending on complexity) which will be mailed to you.


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8. Anyone want to fill this one in?

I have an unfinished T-shirt idea, as I'm missing the 'data', but here it is. Draw a phylogenetic tree where the nodes are the Faculty (and perhaps the TAs) of the workshop, representing who was the PhD/postdoc of who. In the talk introductions they always said 'this person was a graduate/postoc' in this person's lab and then went on to...' and it seems most are connected somehow, which can be represented phylogenetically. Even if not it can be put on a tree. If possible we can put pictures, and if not - then just names. As I said the 'data' are missing, as I'm not sure of how this tree should be built, but if you like the idea I'm sure Hillis can help 'draw the tree'. A second minor idea is to put the olympic signal on the T-shirt somewhere as it's an olympics year. A combination of the ideas can be to put the pictures/names of the three most prominent people (Hillis, Mitch, Felsenstein?) and start the 'Faculty tree' from them. Hope this is clear and helpful. Thanks, Rami