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=='''C) ''' ==
=='''C) Charles after having a beer with Huelsenbeck...''' ==
[[File:Tshirt-MBL.png | 500px]]
[[File:Tshirt-MBL.png | 500px]]
=='''D) ''' ==
=='''D) ''' ==

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2018 T-Shirt Contest

Everyone in the workshop will receive one free shirt. If you would like additional shirts (or different colors) then you can order them directly from the vendor Howlingbird.com.

The 2018 t-shirt design contest starts on July 20 and ends in the evening of July 24.

Please fill in the size you want by July 22: here or email deisejpg@gmail.com

Please email your design to deisejpg@gmail.com

A) Just because you can align things doesn't mean you should

MolEvol2 2.png

B) Gentle Rain - Tribute to Paul Lewis

Gentle rain1.png

C) Charles after having a beer with Huelsenbeck...