Total-evidence analysis in RevBayes

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This tutorial was developed for RevBayes workshops and users at home. Here you will find instructions for getting the files and for executing RevBayes on the MBL servers.

Background Reading

  • Höhna et al. 2016. RevBayes: Bayesian phylogenetic inference using graphical models and an interactive model-specification language. Systematic Biology, 65:726-736. (PDF)
  • Höhna et al. 2014. Probabilistic graphical model representation in phylogenetics. Systematic Biology 63:753–771. (PDF)

Tutorial PDF

  • The detailed tutorial on the RevBayes repository: download

Getting Started

On the MBL Cluster

On the course cluster, make a copy of the lab directory for your analysis:

cp -R /class/molevol-software/revbayes_lab/ .

Enter your new copy of the lab directory:

cd revbayes_lab

Execute RevBayes: