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== 2014 Course ==
== 2014 Course ==
* [[Phylogenetic Inference using RevBayes]] (with [[Michael Landis]])
* Phylogenetic Inference using [[RevBayes]] (with [[Michael Landis]])
* [[Bayesian inference of species divergence times in BEAST2]]
* [[Bayesian inference of species divergence times in BEAST2]]

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Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Kansas and University of California, Berkeley

In January 2015:
Assistant Professor
Dept. Ecology, Evolution, & Organismal Biology
Iowa State University

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I develop statistical models for use as priors in Bayesian methods for phylogenetic inference. In particular, I'm interested in divergence-time estimation -- e.g. modeling rate variation across the tree of life, diversification processes, and methods for incorporating information from the fossil record.

Time at MBL

Sunday July 27 - Wednesday August 6

2014 Course