Workshop Values and Ethics (please read)

From MolEvol
The Workshop on Molecular Evolution is committed to providing a safe, caring
and inclusive learning and working environment. The personal and professional
conduct of all participants will reflect MBL’s commitment to the fundamental
principles of dignity, integrity, and respect for the law
The workshop has a zero tolerance policy with respect to personal or
sexual harassment in any form.

The Workshop on Molecular Evolution promotes respect, responsible citizenship
and academic excellence by expecting all participants to

  • respect the rights of others and treat one another with dignity and
    respect at all times, regardless of economic status, race, colour,
    national or ethnic origin, language group, religion, gender, sexual orientation,
    gender identity, age or ability
  • respect and comply with federal, state and municipal laws;
  • demonstrate honesty and integrity;
  • take appropriate measures to help those in need.
If you have experienced or observed a violation of the code of conduct please
communicate this to a member of the course faculty. They will ensure that appropriate
action is taken.

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